Inspiration Strikes

So do you ever come up with an idea that demands you drop everything and concentrate on it for a while? At least until you can get the bones of it written down so you don’t lose it. This usually happens to me right before bed so I jot as much down as possible then the next morning I look at it and go ehh, I’ll get to it someday. Today it happened to me in the morning and I went with it.

Instead of concentrating on social media, or my business, or my writing, I got an idea for the mechanics of a card game. The game itself is an idea I came up with a long time ago, but at the time I was driving and didn’t have paper so I forgot the way the game was actually going to be played. Usually my game concepts are not that playable, unless you like to roll dice and move then roll more dice and move again. The idea I had today does sound fun, at least to me, and its theme is not very common. So what the heck, I’m going to make up a dummy version and see if it has potential.

I have no idea why this came to me out of the blue. I haven’t thought about my card game idea in years, but sometimes stuff just appears. Like when you sit down at the piano and instead of singing your usual nonsense lyrics about your cat, Yesterday comes out. Not that I am claiming this is Yesterday, it’s just a card game, but if I can get a few bucks from it, I’m all in.


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