Stuff I Miss: Fast Food and Desserts to Go Edition

Welcome to what will become an ongoing series of posts about stuff I miss. Someday I am going to write a non-fiction book about the 80’s but until then you can read this post for free. Sorry but this post doesn’t come with a toy or a cardboard crown. I’m all out.

Old school Taco Bells

I miss the old school brick mission style taco bells with a bell on top of the building and those funky 60’s looking umbrella tables out front. I don’t know why I just do. You still see the buildings around but they are never actually a Taco Bell. They are always an Indian restaurant or something.

The old Kentucky Fried Chicken Signs

Remember when they were a bucket on a pole. How come you hardly ever see that anymore?

The old Wendy’s table tops

I remember going to Wendy’s as a kid and the tables were covered in these reproductions of old sears catalogs with goofy products like Penny Farthing Bicycles and hoop skirt enlargers, and mustache grooming kits. Even though I had seen them before reading them was a fun way to spend the time while you waited for your mom to bring you your food.

The McDonaldland Characters

I haven’t watched kids TV lately. Have they brought back Mayor McCheese. Is the Hamburgler still living a life of crime? Is Grimace finally getting the screen time he deserves? What about Birdie? What she up to. I hope Ronald is less of a screen hog than he used to be? He was the most annoying of them all.

Do they even advertise Mickey D’s to kids anymore or have they gotten all politically correct? No idea, though I have to say those ads never worked on me. I hated McDonalds as a kid. Even now I only ever order one thing there.

Winchell’s Donuts

I have never lived near a Krispy Kreme or a Dunkin Donuts. The only donut chain I remember is Winchell’s, with its big yellow rounded triangle signs. Are there any left? Not near me. Now every single donut shop I come across has some generic name like happy donut or joy donut. You can tell that many of these were a Winchell’s back in the day because they still have a harvest gold color scheme from 1978.

Ice cream Parlors that are Destinations

I miss those old fashioned ice cream parlors where you could have a full on birthday party. They would have drums coming out of the walls or trains singing a birthday song and a pink and green color scheme with dark wood paneling and wire chairs shaped to look like hearts. The one I remember had a huge candy section with gigantic swirly lollipops and jars full of gumballs and stuff. I have heard these were making a comeback but not near me. I can’t imagine being a kid today and having a party at some boring frozen yogurt to go place with 2 mismatched wobbly tables smooshed together. Weaksauce!

Peanut Butter Candy Crunch at Baskin Robbins

Back in the day Baskin Robbins had this seasonal ice cream called Peanut Butter Candy Crunch and my Mom loved it so much she would buy pints of it. Whenever it was around we got ice cream more. I usually ordered it too because it was goo-oo-ood! It had ribbons of peanut butter and candy pieces. Sadly one day it just vanished and has yet to come back, while vastly inferior flavors stuck around. I am talking to you Daiquiri Ice. Daiquiri Ice What the … is that! It’s been like 25 years but I am still holding a torch for the Peanut Butter Candy Crunch. Bring it on back!