Stuff I Miss: Eating Out Edition

Welcome to a most satisfying entry in the ongoing series about stuff I miss. Would you like fries with this?

Showbiz Pizza and Bullwinkle’s

I liked Showbiz pizza better than Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe it’s because the local Chuck’s near me was on a decline when I was a kid. It eventually closed and the building became a church. I called it the Chuck E. Church. Eventually the church tore the original building down, but the location is still the same so I still call it the Chuck E. Church.  Showbiz Pizza and Bullwinkle’s were cleaner, newer and nicer. Too bad they closed back in the day.

Bakers Square

What I miss most about Baker’s Square are the pies. Especially their  candy cane pie. The first year after they closed we went to the restaurant that took their place and asked if they had candy cane pie. They sold us a generic mint pie that was bright green and weak. Now I have to make my own candy cane pie from an internet recipe, so if you can’t get a hold of me in the holiday season it’s probably because  I am off crushing candy canes by hand. There go the counter tops. Oh well.

Fat Fanny’s

Fat Fanny’s is a local place I remember. Not sure if it was a chain or not, but it was one of those restaurants that tried to have a party atmosphere and was unafraid to be named Fat Fanny’s. Waiter’s dressed as clowns would go from table to table and make you balloon animals, and the burgers were yummy. The location where it used to be is now a gym. I find this hilarious.

Bob’s Big Boy

I know these are making a comeback in L.A., but I never go there anymore. They need to come back to Northern California already, and bring back the goofy comic book. The Big Boy Comics were the only ones I ever read because they were free. I think somebody needs to make Big Boy Comics the movie already!

The Nut Tree

The Nut Tree was an overpriced restaurant/tourist trap everyone stopped at on the way to Tahoe. It had an airport, a train, a playground, and of course an overpriced gift shop. It was one of those places my parents would call a tourist trap and rip off but still totally take us to so we could run around. Now it’s a boring shopping center with a Bed Bath and Beyond that looks like every other boring shopping center across America. Ooh a Barnes and Noble next to a Wal-mart next to a Taco Bell. What a totally unique roadside experience, I’m so glad we drove this far.

If you like nostalgia check out my tumblr site full of vintage photo goodness.


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