A Childhood Confession

I’ve been working on nostalgia products and checking stuff out on pinterest and I have a confession. Though it’s fun to read posters about idyllic childhoods where you slept under the stars, danced to a scratchy am radio in your pajamas, read under the covers with a flashlight, and watched fireworks over a lake and wished on stars, there is one thing everyone is supposed to have done that I’ve never done. I’ve never caught a firefly in a jar. I’m not really sure I’ve ever even seen a firefly just out in the open. If I have it wasn’t close enough to catch or touch.

I don’t know where you were supposed to go to do this either. It must be a secret kept from me by people whose parents held parties outside in a field somewhere with jar lanterns strung overhead, and artisanal honey and home brewed beer were made available to all. Everyone danced to music played by combination blues, rock and zydeco band with members culled from various 1960s groups who’s song went to at least #16 on the charts, and nobody went home till at least four in the morning kids included.

Oh well. At least I had a Nintendo and then a Sega. Those were fun.




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