Stuff I Miss: Junk Food Edition

Welcome to another entry in the ongoing series about stuff I miss.

Cinnaburst Gum
Cinnaburst gum had these flavor crystals that made your gum crunch. It sounds gross but it wasn’t. Cinnaburst was awesome. It had a milder sweeter cinnamon flavor than Big Red. Big Red is OK, but Cinnaburst was awesome. One day I stopped seeing it stores. Years afterward I occasionally would see it in gas stations on road trips and always stock up even though I suspected it was probably really old. There was also a mint version called Mintaburst, and a fruit version called Fruitaburst. There were also tasty. Whoever made this gum needs to bring it back already!

I also miss these gums
I miss, Gatorade Gum and those gums with juice in the middle. I think they were soda flavored like A and W root beer gum.

Flaky Flix
Flaky Flix were the best variety of Mother’s cookie brand cookies and I never see them anymore. They were delicious chocolate wafers with corn flakes on them. You can have those overrated pink frosted circus animal cookies I want my Flaky Flix!

Loco Stix
These were these awesome giant cheesy taquito things that Costco had for one week when I was in college. I bought some loved them went back for more but they were gone. I never saw them again.

Icy juicy
Frozen Triangles of fruity awesomeness, I originally became aware of these when they were the dessert portion of my school lunch. Right after the Hot Diggity Dog or Poor Boy Sandwich. (Why yes I did have a lunch ticket and a Mom who wasn’t that into packing me a lunch every day, why do you ask?)

Goldrush Bars
These were chocolate covered ice cream bars with caramel inside. They were so good. Another good ice cream treat were the smaller chocolate covered rondos.

Oreo Big Stuff
These were giant oreos. You could pack one with lunch and be satisfied. The jingle was sung along to the 60’s some Mr. Big Stuff. Now I can’t hear that song without craving a giant Oreo. The only thing more awesome would have been an Oreo big stuff with doublestuff!

New York Seltzers
I miss drinking these circa 1988 and peeling the styrafoam label. The object was to get the label to peel off in the longest stripe possible. I saw them again a few years ago at Big Lots, bought a ton for the nostalgia factor but never saw them again. Stupid Big Lots getting my hopes up.



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