Movies named after Songs: Movies about the Singers of the Songs they are named for. (that was a mouthful)

Welcome to another entry in the series about movies named after songs

Walk The Line

The Johnny Cash Bio-pic. This is a good movie. Another good one you may not have seen is Walk Hard but it’s not named after a song that came out earlier so it didn’t make the list, but go rent it anyway and watch the extended version if you are old enough.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The Bio-pic all about Tina and Ike’s tortured relationship. Man I haven’t seen this in ages. I should totally watch it again. Also the song that pops straight into your head once you read the title. At least it did with me.

Beyond the Sea

Kevin Spacey starred as Bobby Darrin even though he was older than Bobby Darrin was when he died. It’s not a very good movie but every time it’s on TV I sort of get sucked into watching the whole thing. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I like the song Beyond the Sea. Mack the Knife is alright but I could never quite understand what the lyrics were about. Splish Splash is OK, but it always sounded like a song for kids.

La Bamba

The Bio-pic about Ritchie Valens. I haven’t seen in ages so I haven’t got much to add but I do remember the Los Lobos cover of La Bamba being on the radio a lot after this came out.

Great Balls of Fire

A Pretty Cheesy Jerry Lee Lewis Movie starring Dennis Quaid.


The Cole Porter movie. I haven’t seen one so I haven’t much to add.




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