A quick challenge

Here is another challenge for everyone. Type the other word for beat into a browser or word program.  The one that starts with an R. Think drumming as in keep the R___ going.

Did you spell it wrong? Of course you did everyone does. Now right click (or use auto correct) and see what they think you are trying to spell. Did you get mirth, or writ, theme, mythic, theorem, or someones name. Whatever you got I bet it was nowhere close to the real word.

What is up with this anyway?


What is up with pop culture in 2014?

So I’m watching TV the other day and I noticed that they are playing a car ad featuring the new Michael Jackson song, then it occurs to me I totally forgot there was a new Michael Jackson song. Which is weird right? Didn’t it just come out earlier this year? I haven’t heard it on the radio recently at all, and I am one of the few people who still listens to regular FM radio from time to time. (The cd player in my car broke, that’s why.) Now granted I don’t listened to any straight up top 40 stations, because I’m not 13, I’m not a big rap fan, and I don’t think they exist anymore, but I do listen to a variety of stuff and you think it would get played every now and then.

So does this mean Michael overcame death just to flop? I have no idea, but I do know it’s far from the only thing that just came out that I already forgot about. You too, here’s an example. Remember how Seth Whatshisname who created Family Guy starred in a movie about the west with Neil Patrick Harris. It came out last month, oh wait you forgot it existed, me too. (I got reminded when a show replayed its upcoming summer movie preview.)

Remember how last year in 2013, Robin Thicke was the biggest thing ever. Blurred Lines was everywhere and even though you thought the lyrics were questionable you listened anyway because it was on every station and you’re too damn lazy to hook up your ipod for a 5 minute drive to the Grocery Outlet. Well lets welcome Robin to 2014 where pop culture not only forgets it’s also mean. Now pop culture is telling us all about how his follow up cd sold approximately 84 copies in England and 12 in Australia. Cue the voice of Nelson Muntz going Ha Ha.

Not only is today’s pop culture forgetful and mean but’s also the wrong kind of choosy. Sure it’s always been about controversy and who has the most money to promote things and that’s why indies are indies, I get that but it seems so much worse lately. I grew up watching Entertainment Tonite, then when similar shows started cropping up I started watching  them too. More shows about movies, who wouldn’t watch? The problem is now the shows are not about movies so much anymore.

We are all busy forgetting about movies and cds, and shows that just came out, or we didn’t hear about them in the first place, but every time I turn on an entertainment show they spend the first half talking about the Kardashians. I don’t judge people who watch this show, I mean I’ve watch plenty of crappy reality shows like The Osbornes, that show where Tori Spelling owned a bed and breakfast, and the first season of Newlyweds, but still enough already. Why do they take up so much airtime along with Justin Bieber? I have never met anyone who admits to listening to Justin Bieber.

I keep telling myself I will stop watching Access Hollywood Live, but it’s on at lunchtime and the only other show is on is that rerun of American Pickers where Mike is desperately looking for an engine for a 1937 Harley Knucklehead. I have seen that episode 152 times and I’m still not 100% sure what exactly a Harley Knucklehead even is. So I flip back to the entertainment shows, and hope they have a real celebrity on and not someone who is connected with a Real Housewives of Neverwatchedthatcrap is on.

It seems like the few times entertainment TV and websites have really gotten my interest this year is when they are talking about how something that just came out is now 10,  20, or 30 years old. What this you say?  A profile of Ghostbusters. Putting down my game of cookie jammin candy crusher trivia phrase. I remember Ghostbusters, I love Ghostbusters, This I must watch with my full attention. Is Bill Murray Single? Sure he is up there and not so cute but he makes you laugh and pretty much everyone loves him.  Why don’t they spend more time covering Bill Murray’s love life and what he’s wearing? Also which bars he hangs out at. I hope Steve Martin, and Dan Akroyd, and Martin Short Hang out there too. Heck I’d settle for a glimpse of Moranis in the wild.

Oh OK Ghostbusters profile is over, back to the reality TV coverage. It’s never even the reality shows I watch. Where is the love for Storage Wars?, or American Restoration or even Pawn Stars? I guess I just need a detox from2014’s pop culture. How am I going to do this? Keep watching this blog .

Meanwhile here’s the commercial with the MJ song. I think it’s kind of catchy.