Sayanora Squidoo

So I used to make pages for this thing called squidoo. Pretty much no one ever heard of them unless you sold products on cafepress or zazzle. They used to encourage you to advertise you products and make webpages they called lenses around them.  It was fun and easy, and you could make a little bit of money (as in cents, a haypenny fer your troubles mi lord?) for your efforts, as well as get the word out about your stores.

I made a few really good ones that were hardly seen. The top listed ones were all diet scams and something called how to make your car run on water. If you clicked on the link it directed you where to buy the info on how to make your car run on water. Ugh.

Then they got rid of the scams and it was better for a while, until it became all about squidoo cliques. Oh you’re a rocketmom, we will promote your website over this hilarious one because that loser has yet to have kids. To get into these cliques squidoo had to be your life. You had to update and add new lenses daily, and by then I was getting bored with it. It wasn’t a blog after all, I don’t update my blog nearly enough let alone these cheesy lenses that earned me 60 cents every 3 months.

Then they started targeting the zazzlers. Saying you couldn’t have so many links going out to zazzle. That would have been okay if zazzle wasn’t how 95% of people discovered squidoo in the first place. Soon they started locking the lenses I created on the fly that were just links. I was annoyed but they hadn’t done much so whatever. What really hurt was when they started going after the good lenses. The ones with tons of funny content I spent days on. It was the reasons they gave that really stung. They said there was not enough quality content.

If they actually went to the lenses they would have seen they were full of content. Yes I was selling stuff to but that’s what squidoo was about, especially when I was making them. I should have deleted my account but I didn’t bother, after all someone might find the lens anyway, and all my feedback was positive. I just kept my account alive and forgot about squidoo, until this week when I found a forum saying they were merging with hubpages and going away.

I opted out. I’m so done. Buh bye. My content is mine again. So read this blog, and look for the free to cheap ebook I may make from my old content. Eventually. I’ve got 3 other manuscripts to deal with right now.

Oh and one more random thing. I was cleaning out and reorganizing when I came across a free ebook I printed out and added to a binder. It was from Seth Godin who started squidoo. The subject? All about how lenses are the future. Not anymore. Making scratch paper out of this ebook is now the future.




A quick pop culture update

Still annoyed with 2014 pop culture, and the shows about it. Why does it take the tragic death of a beloved icon to bump off the real housewives of whatever in favor of actual talented movie stars?

Entertainment Weekly was always slightly better than Access Hollywood but now they keep showing promos of how they are changing and going to have a panel of annoying people talking about reality TV. Ugh. Not happy.

Whenever it gets really annoying I type a year like 1994 into youtube then I select one of those videos that show nothing but trends, movie clips, TV show clips, and pop culture of that year, while songs from the year play. 1986 was a good one. Not one bad song came out that year evidently. Also you can now find complete episodes of I love the 80s online. Sweet. It’s fun to immerse yourself in a simpler time.