A quick pop culture update

Still annoyed with 2014 pop culture, and the shows about it. Why does it take the tragic death of a beloved icon to bump off the real housewives of whatever in favor of actual talented movie stars?

Entertainment Weekly was always slightly better than Access Hollywood but now they keep showing promos of how they are changing and going to have a panel of annoying people talking about reality TV. Ugh. Not happy.

Whenever it gets really annoying I type a year like 1994 into youtube then I select one of those videos that show nothing but trends, movie clips, TV show clips, and pop culture of that year, while songs from the year play. 1986 was a good one. Not one bad song came out that year evidently. Also you can now find complete episodes of I love the 80s online. Sweet. It’s fun to immerse yourself in a simpler time.



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