Steven’s Dad is so tired of lugging boxes around.



This is Jack. He works in the storage industry.

There are slim pickings on cheap Funkos with basic faces right now so I bought this bulky UFC fighter for his ordinary face. Then I got him home and realized he is barefoot. Painting the feet just made it look like he is wearing toe socks so I gave him a huge cardboard box. You lug a lot of boxes when you work in storage after all. I hadn’t yet bought Sculpley when I created Jack so his box is genuine cardboard.



Ricky: The dissapearing Funko pop?




Ricky is the missing rock-and-roll star idolized by Steven in Rock‘N’Roll in Locker Seventeen. He looks similar to Steven, but he has a sunburst guitar and is wearing blue. See page 30 of the paperback if you want to know one of the reasons why I chose blue. Also blue is the theme color of Rock‘N’Roll in Locker Seventeen.


Ricky is based on the same Independence Day character as Steven. I bought him for the hair.  I got rid of his gun and replaced it with a sculpley guitar.

Steven Gets Funko-d


This is Steven protagonist of my book Rock‘N’Roll in Locker Seventeen. He’s a 90s kid who idolizes 60’s era rock star Ricky Stevenson. He looks a lot like the pop of Ricky Stevenson, read the book to find out why. Steven has a little bit of acne because he is a teen and is rocking a red shirt with blue sculpley guitar to further differentiate himself.


Sorry It’s a bit blurry my camera’s been having some issues lately.


Steven originally was a character from Independence Day. Not the classic one from the 90’s but the one that just came out and everyone has already forgotten about.


Steven close-up. He may get a touch up since he’s looking a little jaundiced around the eye.

My New Hobby is Pretty Fun (ko)



This is my new hobby of sorts. I take the Funko pops that are deeply discounted and I make them into someone new. It’s not strictly a customization it’s more of an upgrade, since I’m doing it with pops I can find super cheap.

It all started when I was shopping and I saw a bunch of two dollar pops at a discount store near me, and I thought maybe I could do something fun with these guys. So I bought a couple and turned some into characters from my books. Then I bought a few more to make pop culture characters I like. I find painting to be relaxing. I’m not great at this since I’m out of practice but it’s fun.

Are these for sale? Not yet maybe someday. Trying to get good at this.