Shocking author confession. I regret giving my book this title…


A long long time ago, well longer than I care to admit, I had an idea for a book and the title just came to me. It was during that magical time when the words were flowing, and I believed that once it came out it would become a Harry Potter like sensation. There would be a movie of course, and tie in merchandise, possibly a musical based on the movie, and of course a loyal fanbase with a catchy name like the Locker Rockers, the Lockeristas, The Mob of 17, or The Sleeperinos. None of that happened. I know you’re thinking I’m delusional, but really it’s all because The Secret didn’t take effect. When does the power of positive thinking kick in anyhow? Can someone give me Oprah’s cell number so I can ask her?

Anyway, I put my book up for sale and crickets. I shouldn’t admit this but I am. Sales are not what I thought they’d be. Even the non-delusional version of me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my title. The title in question is Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen. The same title that felt, so right, like destiny. This wasn’t going to be one of those books with a generic one or two-word title that sounded like hundreds of other books out there. This one was special.  So what went wrong with the title that felt so right?

The first problem is the phrasing of the words Rock’N’Roll . I am just sick of writing out rock’n’roll every time I promote. The punctuation never looks right and I have to tweak the apostrophes that surround the n constantly. It’s a pain, to be honest.  I’ve also discovered that people don’t really call it rock’n’roll much anymore. They call it rock, or rock and roll. If I had just called it rock and roll, I would have been able to get the keywords, rock, roll, and rock and roll. Instead, I had to be cute. I wasn’t thinking about metadata when this magical title came to me. My muse is not up on her SEO marketing I guess.

My second problem is that I wrote out seventeen. Yes, it looks better on the cover, but when people are looking for something numerical they just type the number. When I want to find my book quickly I do it too. I just type locker 17. That’s why if I had to do it over again I would call it Rock and Roll in Locker 17. Oh well live and learn, then blog about it I guess.

Oh and remember how I was admitting that my dreams of a movie, and a musical, and a fanbase, never came true. Well, I lied a little. One thing came true. You can buy awesome Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen merchandise here. Yes, there is even a lunchbox covered in flaming skulls. Until next time Locker Rockers.