A few observations about Lisa Frank

So Lisa Frank. I know I must have had some Lisa Frank stuff back in the day, I mean how could I not, everything I loved was encompassed into one line of school supplies, there were pandas, and neon, and kittens, and unicorns, and sparkles. How could I have not owned every Lisa Frank item I could get my hands on?

I have a few theories. One is that I was more loyal to Sanrio. After all they had Hello Kitty and those awesome 5 dollar mystery bags that had epic things inside. I got a purse once. A purse! Another is that Lisa Frank wasn’t really a brand yet, instead her stuff was just known as that generic neon pandas and kittens neon stationery. Also maybe you couldn’t get her at Hallmark stores and I loved Hallmark stores when I was young. They were my jam. Every mall needed a go to where you could stock up on Mrs. Grossman’s stickers and the Hallmark store was it. Drugstores just didn’t have the panache, variety stores were on the way out (and nowhere near me), and dollar stores were not yet a thing.

I think Lisa Frank became more of a phenomenon in the late 80s early 90’s when I was getting older. I was a tween and a teen and trying to grow up and hide my love of sparkles, unicorns and Garfield under plain canvas binders and the same Jansport backpack everyone else had.

Whatever the reason, I keep seeing Lisa Frank nostalgia on Buzzfeed and Lisa Frank binders going for crazy amounts on etsy and ebay. Now I’m thinking I should jump on the bandwagon, and see what Lisa Frank stuff I can find and sell, I know I’ve seen some at Savers, trouble is they keep putting it in those catchall bags along the wall. These bags always contain one mini Lisa Frank notebook, one Charlie Brown eraser with Charlie’s head erased off it, a scuffed plastic ruler that was originally a giveaway, 3 packs of flashcards, a broken stapler covered in mystery slime and dirt, some gross tweezers and a pinback button from the autoworkers union. The price on the bag is 7 dollars and color on the tag is not half off today. The bag must be purchased as a whole, but you can donate the crap you don’t want on the way out.

I guess I could  “accidentally” split open the bag on the sales floor and the Lisa frank notebook could end up loose to hopefully be rebagged with better stuff, but will it still be there the next time I stop by? Is it even a genuine vintage Lisa Frank mini notebook. I think they sell them at the dollar store now and it’s probably one of those anyway. This plan has flaws, serious flaws. I should just forget all about Lisa Frank and go invest in some biotech stocks like a regular adult. Hmmm I wonder if Lisa Frank has a stock. Now that’s an idea.



Stuff I Miss: Toys Edition

Welcome to another entry in the ongoing series about stuff I miss.


It was a Saturn looking ball you jumped on that was all the rage in 1988. It was a good way to burn off all that junk food energy you had stored up from your diet of Oreo Big Stuffs and Chicken Littles washed down with a New York Seltzer or some 7up Gold.

Tabletop Arcade Games

All of the rich kids had one of these circa 1983 and they would bring them to school to gloat. I never had one and I still want one but they are crazy expensive on ebay. My parents should have bought me one. It would have been an investment!

Scratch N Sniff Stickers

Do they still make these? I especially remember the little round ones and the ones that were fake products.

Trapper Keepers

They sometimes make newer versions of these but I like the old school 80’s versions with kittens, or unicorns or hot air balloons. I would cover parts of it with vintage scratch and sniff and puffy stickers then I would totally take it on job interviews and pull my resume from it. If they don’t hire me then I would be better off because who wants to work at a place that doesn’t appreciate the awesomeness of a trapper keeper. These are also expensive on ebay. I should have kept all of mine.

The gift Bags at Sanrio Stores

Yes there are still Sanrio stores but now they are crazy expensive places with Hello Kitty purses for 80 bucks. What? Back in the day they had these gift bags for 5$ and if you were lucky you would get some erasers, a puffy pencil box, some pens, some shoelaces, some hair stuff and a purse. All in one bag. There were also boy versions of the bags but I don’t remember what was in them.

 I miss Big Wheels

Nowadays every time you turn on the news they talk about childhood obesity and the fattening of America. I don’t remember ever hearing about this growing up and it’s not like 80’s children never ever consumed any sugar. (See all of the above stuff I miss) The whole childhood obesity epidemic came directly after one thing. The introduction of those powered wheel cars where kids would just sit in them and they would drive you around. Back in the day you had to actually pedal your big wheel and burn calories. I can’t believe I am the only person who has ever made this correlation. Maybe someone should give me a Nobel Prize for this observation or something, because that would look good on my resume and I need all the help I can get. I guess the big evil toy corporations are trying to keep their secret from getting out.


I don’t have any kids yet so I don’t know if these are still around but I haven’t seen any at Target or anything. Anyway the sit’n’spin was pretty much the best toy made ever in the history of the world. The whole goal was to get on and spin until you got sick or tired of spinning. I never got sick. You were the one who actually spun using your arms again burning calories. The faster you moved them the faster you went the goal being to fall over or try and get your sit’n’spin to magically hover somehow. If they made sit’n’spns today they would probably put some lame motor in them and make them go really slow so no one would ever get sick, fall over, or have any actual fun. That way the big corporate toy company wouldn’t get sued.

 Hippity hops

I never had one of these; I only occasionally rode my friends. I miss them though. Are they still made? My kids are going to have awesome toys. That’s all I’m saying.

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